Frostwire Gaming Network's Custom Plugin: LobbyCompass

Test server:

The plugin with a deceiving name, because well... It can really do anything you want it to!

This plugin has been coded to be more user friendly and give any type of server the ability to use it. We hope you enjoy this plugin meant for any type of server that wants a custom menu for players or certain ranks!

Version 1.12 and under are FREE and can be found here:
We no longer provide support for those^

Buying this will give you access to versions 1.14+

This plugin gives a player a customized item based on if they have permission and if the world will allow them to receive one. Then they can open a GUI menu that can be FULLY CUSTOMIZED to the max!

Biggest Features:

- Self explanatory Configuration
- Per-Item Sound Effects
- Per-Item Name & Lore customization
- Per-Item Glow Effects
- Economy support to charge for usage of an item
- Can run any command you want it to(ANY COMMANDS!)
- Will only let the player run any command if they have given permission to that plugins features.
- Automatic Bungeecord Support for server transfer commands
- Every version we release on the current Minecraft version breaks the last release on that version to ensure only buyers are using this plugin. If minecraft releases a new version then we will keep the last version working, so dont worry! :D

This time the plugin can be used on any server. Not just Bungeecord Although it does work with Bungeecord, most people use it on their survival, creative, kitpvp, basically any server that needs a menu. You can customize each items lore, name, color, if its glowing, wether or not the console executes it so that way you can do per permission buttons, etc.. I have even seen people use this to make a menu that controls other plugins so that way they have a menu to make it easier. The possibilities with this plugin are really endless.

%%%%Commands and Permissions:%%%%

lobbycompass.use - Gives the ability to use the configured compass.
lobbycompass.get - Gives you the ability to receive a compass and use the command /lc get.
lobbycompass.admin - Gives you the ability to use every aspect of LobbyCompass.
/lobbycompass get - Gives you the standard compass as you defined in the configuration file.
/lobbycompass reload - Reloads the config file.
/lobbycompass version - Tells you the current lobbycompass version.


Sleepyflea - Current Author/Manager(Brought the project back to life and making sure it stays updated)
Wolfhybrid23 - Current Tester/Contributor(Recoded to be readable, Coded in Verification System & many other Fixes)
Goldentoenail - Old Tester/Contributor(Coded in Material Data(Later Updated By Wolfhybrid23))

Price: $10 USD
* After Purchase Click Return To Merchant To Download! Read-Me Is included there!
* If you purchased and lost the link to download email me with your transaction id!
By purchasing this you are agreeing to the terms of service !
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